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Designer of all things Dog

“The first indoor dog house / bed that I designed and built was out of necessity.  My little chihuahua named “Squirt” loved sun bathing by the window but the windows in my loft were to high.  After lots of sketches and mockups, the first Modular Dog “Loft” was born which was a 4ft tall dog house with a place to chill on top.” – Hector Garcia / Modular Dog Founder & Designer

The Modular Charity Dog House

What we do here at Modular Dog wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t offer a solution for neglected dogs that unfortunately spend most of their time outdoors.  Most of these animals are in low income areas and victims of a dog owning culture that never learned to see the true value of their “pet”.

Our house design is simple, yet solid and will provide these animals with adequate shelter that will last a while.  With each house comes some accountability to the dog owners and education, which is provided by our awesome partners at A Dog’s Life Dog Walking Service.   Fern de santos-viramontes, owner of A Dog’s Life, is the reason that we were able to finally bring our dog house design to life and her rescue efforts in the East End and around the city will allow us all to contribute and give back.

These homes aren’t built to be beautiful, but rather functional and be the solution for each animal’s need for adequate shelter.  With your help we can provide these on a regular basis and we’ve provided a way to donate below.

Have a custom order?

We love building custom dog furniture and if you can dream it, we can build it.  Our specialty is modular style, minimalistic furniture and everything that you see on our site are our own designs.  Contact us with details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.